Located approximately 3km from the old Got ferry terminal, the Dong Bai ferry terminal will officially commence operations, transporting passengers from the mainland to Cat Ba Island starting from 5:00 AM on March 1st. This new ferry route has been adjusted to replace the smaller and problematic Got ferry terminal. The updated schedule and ticket prices for the new ferry terminal are currently of great interest to many travelers.

Why the need to relocate the passenger ferry terminal to Cat Ba Island?

Previously, the Got-Cai Vieng ferry route transported around 3,700 passengers and 750 vehicles to Cat Ba Island daily, with these numbers increasing by 1.5 to 2 times during peak holidays. This often led to overloading issues, despite the ferries operating at full capacity, causing congestion.

Therefore, the Dong Bai ferry terminal, with its modern infrastructure and higher transport capacity compared to the old Got ferry terminal, is expected to alleviate the overloading issue in this transfer area, providing better quality service to tourists. Additionally, the cessation of operations at the Got ferry terminal aligns with the city’s planning policy, facilitating the construction of the international gateway port industrial zone in Hai Phong. This key project covers over 503 hectares of land, with a port construction area of 20 hectares, including 3.3 hectares for the national dike construction.

The industrial zone developed at the location of the Got ferry terminal will prioritize clean industries that utilize high technology, promoting sustainable development, energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness. This strategic move aims to transform Hai Phong into a dynamic city, especially focusing on port services, trade, logistics, and warehouses.

Changes in the Cat Ba Island travel itinerary with the operation of the Dong Bai ferry terminal

The Dong Bai ferry terminal is situated in Dong Bai commune, Cat Hai district, adjacent to the Cat Hai – Phu Long cable car station. Managed and operated by Sun Cat Ba Company Limited, the new route from Dong Bai to Cai Vieng is approximately 1.86 km longer than the old route from the Got ferry terminal, which was 120 meters long. The estimated travel time for the Dong Bai ferry to cross the Cat Hai strait is expected to be around 10 minutes longer.

Spanning 8 hectares, the new ferry terminal is designed with a broad entrance road of 1.8 hectares and a passenger boarding area measuring 61.4 meters in length and 35 meters in width. Proximity to the ferry arrivals and departures, the Dong Bai ferry terminal can accommodate two large ferries and one small ferry simultaneously, minimizing the impact of tidal fluctuations. Notably, the ferry’s flexible design with a low slope of only 11% allows it to accommodate newly designed, longer-blade ferries (6 meters, double the size of the old ferries).

During the operational and trial period, the Dong Bai ferry management collaborated with the technical team of the Hai Phong Waterway Maintenance Joint Stock Company to construct a system of fenders, facilitating the convenient movement of vehicles on and off the ferry.

In the future, the company plans to research and add additional ferry ramps to ease the boarding and disembarking of vehicles. In the near future, the Sun Cat Ba Company Limited intends to construct an additional pier and six mooring berths, along with a tourist boat reception area for Lan Ha Bay tours.

For the time being, the investor will gradually shift the old ferries from the Got terminal to the Dong Bai ferry terminal. Simultaneously, they are considering leasing additional vehicles to meet the increasing demand for passenger transportation from the mainland to Cat Ba Island. The adjustment and replacement plan for the ferry terminal is expected to enhance its transport capacity optimally, especially during peak periods. In addition, the Hai Phong People’s Committee has proposed the addition of five new modern-designed ferries, capable of carrying 15 cars and hundreds of passengers.

Travel Schedule from Dong Bai Ferry Terminal to Cat Ba Island

The Dong Bai ferry terminal is approximately 3 km from the Got terminal, resulting in a slight adjustment to the travel schedule for visitors.

From downtown Hai Phong, travelers should head towards Tan Vu Bridge. At the intersection opposite the Vinfast Automobile Manufacturing Plant, follow the signs to turn onto the road leading to the Dong Bai ferry terminal (the same road leading to the Cat Hai – Phu Long cable car station). The distance from this intersection to the ticket sales station for the ferry is approximately 2.2 km.

The waiting area at the ticket sales point has been completed with a spacious area of over 830 m2, with a roof covering about 1,400 m2. This area also serves as a resting place for tourists. In the coming time, the management will complete the extended roof section to guide tourists down to the ferry.

How does the Dong Bai ferry terminal operate? Ticket prices update

According to information from the Dong Bai Ferry Terminal Management Board, the passenger and vehicle transportation activities from Dong Bai to Cai Vieng will undergo adjustments in terms of route and time. Specifically:

Dong Bai ferry terminal: first departure of the day at 5:30 AM, last departure at 6:30 PM.
Cai Vieng ferry terminal: first departure of the day at 5:30 AM, last departure at 6:00 PM.
Each ferry will arrive approximately 30 to 60 minutes apart, depending on the frequency of operations throughout the day. Therefore, tourists and residents traveling to Cat Ba Island will experience shorter waiting times. During holidays or peak tourist seasons, the Dong Bai Ferry Terminal Management Board will arrange additional trips to accommodate passenger demand.

The specific ferry schedule is as follows:

No. Dong Bai Ferry Terminal Cai Vieng Ferry Terminal
1 5:30 AM (large ferry) 5:30 AM (large ferry)
2 6:30 AM (large ferry) 6:00 AM (large ferry)
3 7:00 AM (small ferry) 6:30 AM (small ferry)
4 7:30 AM (large ferry) 7:00 AM (large ferry)
5 8:00 AM (small ferry) 7:30 AM (small ferry)
6 8:30 AM (large ferry) 8:00 AM (large ferry)
7 9:00 AM (large ferry) 8:30 AM (large ferry)
8 9:30 AM (small ferry) 9:00 AM (small ferry)
9 10:00 AM (large ferry) 9:30 AM (large ferry)
10 10:30 AM (small ferry) 10:00 AM (small ferry)
11 11:00 AM (large ferry) 10:30 AM (large ferry)
12 12:00 PM (small ferry) 11:00 AM (small ferry)
13 1:00 PM (large ferry) 12:00 PM (large ferry)
14 1:30 PM (small ferry) 1:00 PM (small ferry)
15 2:00 PM (large ferry) 1:30 PM (large ferry)
16 2:30 PM (small ferry) 2:00 PM (small ferry)
17 3:00 PM (large ferry) 2:30 PM (large ferry)
18 3:30 PM (small ferry) 3:00 PM (small ferry)
19 4:00 PM (large ferry) 3:30 PM (large ferry)
20 4:30 PM (large ferry) 4:00 PM (large ferry)
21 5:00 PM (small ferry) 4:30 PM (small ferry)
22 5:30 PM (large ferry) 5:00 PM (large ferry)
23 6:00 PM (large ferry) 5:30 PM (large ferry)
24 6:30 PM (small ferry) 6:00 PM (small ferry)

We hope that with this updated information on the schedule and timings of the new Dong Bai ferry terminal to Cat Ba Island, passengers will have all the necessary details for a well-prepared and enjoyable journey. Please stay informed about the travel times and schedules to make the most of your visit to Cat Ba Island!