Phu Long Ferry Terminal is likely a familiar spot for travel enthusiasts visiting Cat Ba. This crucial terminal serves as a vital transportation link between the mainland and Cat Ba Island. Additionally, Phu Long is a prominent tourist destination, attracting thousands of visitors to Cat Ba each year. Understanding the details about Phu Long Ferry will provide you with complete information on schedules and ticket prices. Refer to the article below to learn more about this ferry terminal.

Location and Role of Phu Long Ferry Terminal
Phu Long Ferry Terminal is situated at the gateway to Cat Ba Island, one of the largest and most beautiful islands in Vietnam. As a bridge between the mainland and the island, this ferry terminal significantly reduces travel time and costs for both locals and tourists.
Notably, Phu Long Ferry Terminal not only serves transportation purposes but also significantly contributes to the economic and tourism development of Hai Phong City. Thanks to this location, the number of tourists visiting Cat Ba has increased considerably, leading to the growth of tourism services, hotels, restaurants, and other business activities.

Ticket Prices at Phu Long Ferry Terminal
Ticket prices at Phu Long Ferry Terminal vary depending on the type of vehicle and the passengers. Below are some ticket prices for your reference:

Passengers: 12,000 VND/person/way
Bicycles, motorbikes: 12,000 VND/bike/way
Cars under 9 seats: 190,000 VND/car/way, excluding passengers in the car.
Cars with 9-24 seats: 210,000 VND/car/way, excluding passengers in the car.
Cars with 24-32 seats: 240,000 VND/car/way, excluding passengers in the car.
Cars with 32 seats or more: 330,000 VND/car/way, excluding passengers in the car.
These prices may change depending on the tourist season and the ferry terminal’s policies. Therefore, visitors should check the exact ticket prices before traveling to plan their finances appropriately.
Travel Schedule at Phu Long Ferry Terminal
Phu Long Ferry Terminal offers a flexible travel schedule to meet tourists’ needs, specifically:

First trip: 5:30 AM.
Last trip: 6:00 PM.
Frequency: approximately every 30 minutes, a ferry departs.
Depending on weather conditions and daily passenger volume, the terminal’s schedule may change. Therefore, it is advisable to check the weather information for a smooth trip. Moreover, during peak tourist seasons, the terminal often adds extra trips to meet the increased demand.
Some Notes When Traveling at Phu Long Ferry Terminal
Before using the services at Phu Long Ferry Terminal, visitors should note the following:

Check the schedule and ticket prices: Before traveling, check the ferry schedule and ticket prices, especially changes that may occur in bad weather conditions or during the tourist season.
Safety during travel: Tourists should follow the instructions of the ferry terminal staff to ensure safety while boarding and disembarking.
Bring necessary documents: Visitors traveling by car or motorbike should carry vehicle documents and personal identification to present when needed.
Phu Long Ferry Terminal is a crucial part of the transportation and tourism system in Hai Phong City. With reasonable ticket prices, flexible schedules, and good service, the ferry terminal promises to bring extremely interesting experiences to tourists. So, why wait any longer? Plan now and enjoy your trip with your loved ones through Phu Long Ferry Terminal to explore the stunning beauty of Cat Ba!