Car Ba island Resort & Spa hydrofoil is one of the best choices for transportation between Haiphong and Binh ferry station in recent
years. It used to run from Binh ferry station and took 55 – 60 minutes. Now this hydrofoil is moved to Got ferry station (at speedboat terminal) and starts to operate from 01/01/2019. it runs 4 times [back and forth) everyday.

catba-island-resort-speed-boatPrice and schedule

  1.  In high season, it runs every hour
  2. Transfer period: 20 minutes
  3. Ticket price for adult: 120,000 VND/ticket
  4. Ticket price for children [2 -4 years old) 100,000 VND/ticket
  5. Ticket for children under 2 are free.

Itinerary of Speedboat from Got pier to Cat Ba island

Pick-up at Binh ferry station 9:00 13:00
Arrive at Got pier 9:40 13:40
Arrive at Cat Ba center harbor 9:40 14:00

Itinerary of Speedboat from Cat Ba island to Got pier

Pick-up at Cat Ba center harbor 10:20 14:20
Arrive at Got pier 10:40 14:40
Arrive at Binh ferry station 11:20 15:20