The homestay in Cat Ba Island with sea view, super luxurious rooms below are the ideal choice for a trip to explore this beautiful island. Let’s see Five Cat Ba homestays  list below

1. Lepont Bungalow Hostel Cat Ba

  • Address: Cat Co 3 Beach, Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong
  • Price: 250,000 – 500,000 VND / night

LePont Bungalow Hostel is ideally located on Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong, just a 1-minute walk from the sea and only about 10 km from Dau Be Island. The hostel is also just 15km from Sung Sot Cave and Soi Sim Island. From Lepont Bungalow Hostel to Cat Bi international Airport is about 35 km.

Lepont-Bungalow-Hostel-Cat Ba

Photo: Agoda

Rated as one of the best hostels in Cat Ba Island, it can be said that LePont Bungalow hostel is a perfect place to stop when traveling to Cat Ba. This homestay on Cat Ba Island is built in a prime location, with 3-sided view with sea view, LePont Bungalow hostel impresses with new straw bungalows, making everyone excited.

LePont Bungalow Hostel has all kinds of rooms, from dorm rooms, double rooms, rooms for multiple people with shared toilets. And if you want more privacy, you can rent a 4-person room with a private bathroom, but the most popular are still the straw bungalows.

Most of the rooms are made of wood, with palm roofs that are both strange and contribute to the elegance and intimacy. With an open design, LePont Bungalow hostel campus has beautiful wooden tables, suitable for guests to relax and watch the sea. In addition, this hostel also has a fully equipped kitchen, with a barbecue kitchen available for BBQ parties.

A special feature of Lepont Bungalow Hostel rooms is the new and eye-catching, spoiled for young people who like to check in so deep. The hostel also has a variety of services such as kayaking, romantic beach dinner. Therefore, if you have not found a nice homestay when traveling to Cat Ba , ePont Bungalow Hostel is the number one choice for you.

2. Cat Ba Mountain View



  • Address: No. 452 Ha Sen, Cat Ba, Cat Hai
  • Reference price: 180,000 – 600,000 VND / night

Cat Ba Mountain View is one of the homestay in Cat Ba Island with the most beautiful and popular sea view today. This is the only homestay in Cat Ba with an alpine swimming pool design, guests here are comfortable swimming while watching the majestic mountains.

Cat Ba Mountain View builds a very diverse system of rooms, with all kinds of rooms from double rooms, dorm rooms, bungalows, to rooms for 3 people, … especially small, beautiful tents to help visitors get closer to nature. Depending on your preferences and budget, you are free to choose your desired accommodation type. Each room has its own bathroom with completely free essentials, helping visitors have the best experience.

Currently, Cat Ba Mountain View is applying a special discount promotion when booking. A homestay is both beautiful and affordable, there is no reason for you not to choose for your upcoming vacation.

3. Green Valley Camp homestay Cat Ba


Green Valley Camp homestay

  • Address: Cat Ba Green Ecological Area, Hien Hao, Cat Ba, Hai Phong
  • Reference price: 200,000- 750,000 VND / night

Green Valley Camp is a homestay on Cat Ba Island designed in the style of camping, resort, surrounded by high mountains and fresh air. Green Valley Camp Cat Ba is no different from an “oasis” completely separate from the complex world out there.

Because of the camping model, Green Valley Camp Cat Ba uses beautiful small huts under the tree canopy to make guest rooms for guests, bringing a feeling of closeness to nature. In the tents are fully equipped with amenities such as fans, electric lights, blankets, …

Not only that, Green Valley Camp also has a private toilet area and a small, comfortable swimming pool for guests to take a relaxing dip. In particular, the camping area is for those who want to make a campfire, organize a BBQ party and team building, …Beautiful view of virtual living in Cat Ba at Green Valley Camp homestay Cat Ba. Photo: homestay

4. Cat Ba Mystery homestay

  • Address: No. 2, Lane 172 Ha Sen, Cat Ba, Hai Phong
  • Reference price: From 500,000 – 650,000 VND / room / night   

Tourism Cat Ba, Hai Phong should stay parked ? Cat Ba Mystery homestay has fresh and cool surrounding space. In addition, this homestay is also built in a prime location, convenient for visitors to explore and experience. For those who just want a comfortable and relaxing vacation, Cat Ba Mystery homestay is the ideal destination.

Cat Ba Mystery is located in a quiet, peaceful area, about 10-15 minutes from the city center. This homestay also rents motorbikes and bicycles for guests’ convenience to visit and travel with a young, enthusiastic staff is another plus point that visitors appreciate this place.

All rooms are very spacious and clean, furnished with comfortable windows and balconies, beautiful views. Besides, Cat Ba Mystery also provides many convenient services, helping visitors always feel at home. In addition, this homestay restaurant on Cat Ba Island  also has a varied menu with many fresh seafood dishes, extremely cheap prices.

5. D’home Homestay Cat Ba


  • Address: No. 6, Ha Sen, Cat Ba, Cat Hai, Hai Phong
  • Price: 400,000 – 600,000 VND / night

D’home Homestay Cat Ba has a modern, simple design but still has full amenities. Guests staying at D’home Homestay will definitely have a great time and unforgettable experiences for exploring this beautiful island of Hai Phong tourism .

D’home Homestay has a fairly affordable accommodation, but there are many choices for travelers such as single rooms, double rooms, dorn rooms, … The most outstanding feature of this homestay on Cat Ba Island  is that each room is designed. Large glass door system creates a feeling of spacious and airy for the room.

 Homestay in Cat Ba Island
The dining room at D’home Homestay Cat Ba is impressively decorated. Photo: dulichdaocatba

Furniture at D’home Homestay is mainly made of wood with golden brown tones, bringing a feeling of closeness and cozy. This homestay is also close to the city center, convenient for travelers moving to the destinations.

These are the top 5 Cat Ba homestays with beautiful view, beautiful rooms that many tourists love and choose today, hoping to bring a fun and memorable trip for you and your family and friends.