Nam Cat Island Resort is isolated from the mainland, attracting virtual followers by the poetic scenery, wild and peaceful nature.

Located about 5 km southeast of Cat Ba town, Nam Cat Island is a small island in Lan Ha Bay. This island is not only covered by giant green vegetation, but also has a coastline of about 500 meters long, with white sand on the clear blue sea. This is the ideal place for safe swimming.

Nam Cat Island – a fairy nestled in the middle of Lan Ha Bay


Nam Cat Island is located in Lan Ha Bay in Cat Ba archipelago, Cat Hai district, Hai Phong. Nam Cat is located among other adjacent small islands, creating a beautiful and poetic natural scenery.

Blue waters embrace smooth white sand and small limestone islands around the island, creating an isolated and romantic scene. The natural landscape of the tourist area here is preserved almost intact and less affected by humans.

This place is wild and charming like a fairy nestled among countless large and small islands. The clear blue sea is an ideal place for those who love safe swimming activities.

Wooden bridge floating on the water, surrounded by blue sea, embracing smooth white sand and small limestone islands around the island create an isolated and poetic scene. The wooden pavilions with palm leaves, green islands with small sand beaches gradually drop into the clear blue water, this is a unique part of the population of hundreds of large and small islands of a giant water painting of Lan Ha Bay.Nam Cat is intact with a green vegetation cover that creates a separate and beautiful beach. From Nam Cat with a kayak, adventurous people can delight in exploring calm waters such as Ses Island, Cu island, Doi cave, Dark cave …

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What time to Nam Cat Island?


With a cool, fresh climate, visitors can travel here at any time of the year. However, domestic tourists often choose the period from April to October. International visitors often visit from November to March.

Activities in  Nam Cat Resort


From Nam Cat Island, visitors can also rent a boat to Lan Ha Bay, visit Ba Trai Dao Island, swim at Van Boi Island, Monkey Island (Cat Dua Island), visit aquaculture rafts on the bay. boats or cruise ships.The sea here is quite gentle, gentle waves, very convenient for tourists to kayak around small islands such as Ses island, Cu island, Doi cave, Dark cave, … through underground water caves through thin mountains There are no people, or walking around Van Gia fishing village, Viet Hai fishing village …

Thing to do Nam Cat Island

From Beo wharf, small cruise ships will take visitors around the islands, enjoy the cool, fresh air of the sea and visit the aquaculture rafts on the bay. Visitors can board the raft and buy for themselves fresh seafood from fishermen’s cages and then enjoy them when they arrive on Nam Cat Island.


Eating and Drink in nam Cat Island resort

At Nam Cat Island, the seafood source is extremely rich for you to freely choose such as: female scallop, squid, surface, crab, crab, crab, comedy, fish, … Campfire nights on the wild beach absent, enjoying seafood, always unforgettable white nights for groups of tourists traveling in groups or groups of friends camping to find their own place.

How to go Nam Cat Island  resort ?


From the center of Cat Ba island, to reach Nam Cat Island, tourists can rent small boats from fishermen (about 150,000 VND / trip), or rent a tourist boat (about 500,000 VND / trip) from Beo Wharf. Cai Beo fishing village and then go to the bay for a few more kilometers to arrive. Protection Status